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Pink Kush Vape PenPink Kush is a 90/10 indica dominant strain that offers a sweet taste while delivering strong body effects. The effects are paired with a sweet and delicate taste that will have you craving one puff after another. Take advantage of the Pink Kush effect anywhere by using this discreet and portable vape pen. Our vape pen was created using only 100% natural cannabis oil, carefully extracted without solvents and free of additives and fillers. This method allows us to deliver a cleaner and more flavourful experience for the end user.

This Pink Kush vape pen is good for approximately 200 inhales. When inhaled you can taste some hints of vanilla and mixed sweet berries. A floral undertone will linger in a pleasing sort of way.

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Start with a few puffs of this vape pen. The high begins by putting you in a euphoric headspace that later delivers much needed relaxation feeling and giggles. As the high escalates you’ll feel much lighter on your feet and any physical pains will be granted the relief you’re looking for. Take a break from smoking and enjoy your high. We suggest getting to know this vape pen slowly and working up to your dosage because this strain is known to cause paranoia when taken in a large quantity. Pink Kush is also known to cause munchies, so make sure you have some snacks on standby.

Our Pink Kush vape pen can be used to treat medical ailments as well. If you’re suffering from migraines, nausea use this vape to alleviate those pains. We also recommend using this pen if you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, or extreme nervousness. Take this vape pen on the go with you for a care free day. You’ll be happy you did.