Pink Kush Live Resin

Pink Kush is as coveted as its OG Kush relative. As an indica dominant hybrid Pink Kush is known for its powerful body-focused effects.The potency of this strain is considered overpowering, and small intake doses are able to eliminate insomnia, appetite loss and pain.

Pink Kush Live Resin is made using fresh frozen flower to preserve the full flavour of the terpenes. Live Resin is a top tier concentrate that allows the strain to retain the delicate terpenes, cannabinoids and essence of every phenotype and strain-specific flower that is extracted. These tiny terpene soaked crystals make for an unparalleled dabbing experience!

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When extracted, you can taste how the process was able to capture the aromatic essence from the Pink Kush flower while preserving the strains potent effects. In its intact state, this live resin emits subtle, sweet notes. When dabbed the you can taste the sweet candy sugar right away followed by sweet floral and cotton candy notes on the exhale.

The flavours tend to be delicate and mild but distinctive. Heat up your rig and take a hit of the Pink Kush Live Resin, but keep the temperature on the lower end of the scale to taste the floral flavours. The blend of flavours will mellow out and an earthy perfume will linger while the indica effects work to help you unwind.

Visually the Pink Kush Live Resin resembles a soft caramel colour with hints of crystal. Not really a sugar, granular-like consistency, but more of a soft wax. One hit is usually enough to get you through a two and a half hour ride on the Pink Kush Coaster.

Although this strain is Indica dominant, you’ll find the effects to be more of a 50/50 split. The high doesn’t have a delayed onset, but it does build up over time. At it’s peak you’ll dine it to be a strong functional high that relaxes the body and mind equally.