Pink Kush Bud

Pink Kush a an indica-dominant hybrid that gained popularity thanks to its visually mesmerizing pink pistils and superior genetics. Belonging to the Kush family, the strain quickly became a favourite within the PNW and Canadian medical cannabis communities. Pink Kush is a 90/10 indica hybrid and tends to carry a powerful body effect which works well for combating migraines, nausea, and any chronic pain. The effects paired with the sweet and delicate taste will have Pink Kush in your top 5 category!

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The Pink Kush buds resemble a sugar coated candy, it’s full trichomes. When grown the green nugs are offset by bright pink pistils and are densely covered in trichomes. Ironically, after harvest, drying, and curing it is hard to find any pink on these buds. No stress though, the Pink Kush’s trichomes remain and its sweet vanilla smell will make up for any lack of pink. Pink Kush carries on a sweet flavour and a scent of vanilla. Along with the vanilla, you’ll also notice a mixed sweet berry taste with a floral undertone that linger in your mouth in a pleasing sort of way.

The high from Pink Kush brings relaxation and some giggles. You’ll be quickly be taken to a euphoric headspace. As the high progresses your body will feel lighter and lighter and you’ll relieve any physical pains. We suggest that you work your way up to a dosage that you are comfortable with as Pink Kush can cause some paranoia to new users. Remember that Pink Kush is known to cause some munchies so we highly recommend that your kitchen is stocked up with your favourite snacks.

This strain is a favourite for medical patients as its body affects combat any physical pains as well as nausea, and migraines. Users also find that Pink Kush frequently helps with stress, anxiety, and extreme nervousness. Spark up a joint and you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying a carefree day. Alternatively, smoke at night and you’ll find yourself lulled into a deep sleep.