Pink Kush Strain


One of the most sought-after strains, Pink Kush has gained increasing popularity with time. It is a well-known strain popular for its super strong mind and body effects and sweet, delicate taste. Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that relates to the powerful and legendary OG Kush. It lives up to the name with an attractive color and a strong high and is quite popular in Canada. The Sativa/Indica ratio of this variety of marijuana is 10:90 which suggests powerful body effects. The THC levels of up to 20% are pleasing as well. Green buds of the strain are offset by pink pistils and trichomes coating that looks like sugar on candy. Pink Kush is famous for a potent body high which is quite effective and suitable for medical treatment for a number of pains and health problems. The calming effects and the intensely euphoric high with fun and happy feelings make it a loved one.

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Pink Kush Cultivation

Pink Kush is pretty easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors and gives plants that produce high yields and are mold-resistant. It has dense buds and you need low humidity conditions. The plants may require some support for few weeks to make sure the buds don’t droop. The strain has a very long flowering time, taking almost 11 weeks to grow which can be really long for some people. But it gives a good yield of 600-700 for indoor and outdoor. You can get seeds for the strain and cultivate anywhere to get a yield that smells great and is robust.


This strain is a descendant of OG Kush, a heavy-weight hybrid of marijuana that is popular because of high yields and high percentage of THC. Pink Kush is also an indica-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC and sugary trichomes covering the plant that makes it such a favorite among enthusiasts. Those who find this strain would surely be happy stoners, particularly for those who love indica strains. It has green buds with purple and pink hues and it smells once ground up. Pink Kush is definitely a top-shelf bud.


When you smoke this strain of marijuana with a flower vape, you will be able to enjoy the great taste it features. Its odor and flavor are accented with sweet berries, vanilla and floral notes that delight your taste buds in a highly pleasant way. It has a relatable flavor that resembles a candy with hints of vanilla, making it really enjoyable to smoke. The taste profile of the strain is earthy, sweet and flowery.

Type of High

When it comes to getting high, this weed strain is known to promote relaxation with happy giggles. Stoners would experience a state of euphoria almost instantly and all the negative thoughts are left behind. The high levels of THC deliver mind and muscle relaxation in the beginning followed by the feeling of happiness. Just after a few hits, you start feeling pain-free. Apart from relaxation, you get fun, sleepiness, upliftment, hunger and euphoria. As the high gets deeper, users feel light as a feather and start wondering how long the high will last. The strain creates munchies that don’t go so you should keep snacks and foods ready. When it is used in the evening in a calming atmosphere, you get a chance to giggle and relax, ultimately falling into a deep sleep.

Medical Benefits

  • Pain – High THC levels in the strain affect the mind and body to calm any type of pain instantly.
  • Muscle Spasms – The cannabis strain delivers quick relief from muscle spasms and gives a feeling of lightness.
  • Migraines – When taken in a moderate dose, it keeps you free of headache and migraines.
  • Depression – The positive effect of this weed is a feeling of happiness which keeps the user relieved of depression.
  • Stress – The main characteristic of the strain is keeping the user relaxed and treating his stress.
  • Mood Disorders – As depression is treated, the person get rids of mood disorders.
  • Appetite Loss – This weed is known to make the user hungry after consuming it. This can help boost appetite.
  • Insomnia – Pink Kush often wants the stoner to sleep after consuming it, thus treating insomnia and sleep-related problems.
  • Inflammation – The marijuana has an amazing effect on inflammation. Regular use of the strain according to recommendation can reduce the inflammation in the body.

Who Is It For?


With a ratio of 90:10 for indica to sativa, Pink Kush is perfect for people looking to treat various symptoms. It is mostly used by medical patients who use its amazing body effects to deal with nausea, pain and migraines. It is often used to overcome anxiety, nervousness and stress and as an effective way to calm down and enjoy a stress-free day. In addition to this, the strain is popularly used to combat chronic pain experienced after spinal or brain surgeries. Users should, however, note that it should be used in small doses to avoid any negative effects. Smoking this weed in a decent amount towards the end of the day can get you a deep sleep. It only takes a little for this strain to do the job so take it easy and don’t indulge in high doses. Very high doses can even cause paranoia. Those who like enjoying a sweet tasting bud that brings an occasional burst of joy would surely like this one. It is not a great choice for beginners due to the intense effects but experienced users should also keep dosage in mind to avoid any adverse effects like anxiety, paranoia or migraine.