Gorilla Glue 4 Vape Pen

Pink Kush Vape PenGorilla Glue 4 is a sativa dominant hybrid that leaves users feeling as though they have been “glued” to their couch. The average Gorilla Glue strain carries hight THC levels if approximately 25%, but if you dig hard enough you can find variations carrying THC levels as high as 32%. GG4 is often described as a bunch of trichomes with a few buds, leaves, and stalks sticking out – making this strain a perfect choice for extracts.

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We make our Gorilla Glue 4 vape pens by using only 100% natural cannabis oils that have been carefully extracted without solvents and free of additives and fillers. This method of extraction allows us to deliver a more flavourful terpene profile and a potent ‘high’ experience to the user.

The Gorilla Glue 4 vape pen offers a very high THC level of 80%. Take the high with you anywhere you go as it is discreet and convenient. You can expect approximately 200 of inhales per cartridge. From your first hit you’ll be able to taste hints of chocolate and coffee that are carried by an earthy undertone.

Smoking our Gorilla Glue 4 vape pen will quickly get you to settle down and chill out. Although it is a sativa dominant strain you can fully expect a full body melt into the couch. Paired with the body high is an uplifting cerebral effect. You’ll want to save this vape pen for after dinner as the effects are not suited for a morning routine.

If you’re smoking recreationally, you’ll find the GG4 vape pen high goes straight to the head. The body high will soon follow and you’ll find yourself yearning for the couch.

Medical patients find that this strain works well for headaches and insomnia. GG4 Vape Pen is also known to treat such disorders that are more mental in origin such as stress, anxiety, and depression. In particular, people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have made Gorilla Glue #4 their go-to.