Gorilla Glue 4 Rosin

Gorilla Glue 4 (or GG4 for short), is a sativa dominant hybrid that bares more trichomes than bud. These trichomes express a pungent earthy aroma, a chocolatey undertone and a hint of pine. Very fresh. GG4 varies in THC levels, but some strains can go as high as 32%. Overall Gorilla Glue 4 is a perfect strain to be used for extraction.

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Rosin is an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze out the resinous sap from fresh cannabis flower. This is called a solvent less extraction technique. Death Bubba rosin is incredibly sappy, and highly resembles shatter. This allows users to experience the majority of the flavourful terpene profiles.

Gorilla Glue 4 rosin gives off a rich caramel colour. The strain is perfect to be used for rosin extract because of its engulfed in trichomes and carries a rich terpene profile, allowing users to experience the flavourful smoke to its full potential.

The aroma is pungent. How pungent? Your neighbours will be acquainted with the smell when you open the jar lid. The earthy smell will also carry hints of chocolate and a sweet undertone. Turn your rig settings to a lower temperature if you want to experience GG4’s full flavour profile.

Like the name suggest, dabbing GG4 will leave you feeling as though you’re “glued” to the couch. Along with the body high you can expect an uplifting and cerebral effect. GG4 is best used after a long day of work or on your day off.

Medically Gorilla Glue 4 rosin is good for treating mild conditions such as headaches and insomnia. The indica portion of GG4 provides sedating effects for disorders like arthritis and slipped disks. If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Gorilla Glue 4 comes highly recommended because of its high THC levels.