Gorilla Glue 4 Live Resin

The rich trichomes of this cannabis flower express a pungent earthy aroma with a scent of chocolaty undertone, making GG4 a top choice for extraction. This very potent hybrid delivers a heavy handed blow of euphoria and relaxation, eventually making one feel as if they were “glued” to the couch. Although couch-locked, your mood will be very enhanced and stress free.

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First thing you’ll notice is the beautiful colour and texture. The intriguing translucent deep gold colour mimics that of a honey comb. The sugary consistency can only be narrowed down to one word, iconic. Lean in and enjoy the smell. You’ll notice hints of chocolate and coffee, but it wont come off as sweet.

Live Resin is created by extracting from freshly harvested plants – within 30 minutes of being cut from the stalk. This process allows to capture all the terpenes of the fresh plant that are otherwise lost during the drying process. You can tell by the anise flavour that GG4’s terpene profile is fully intact and has not been compromised during the concentrate forming process.

The initial dab hit is smooth and you will feel GG4 take it’s effect almost immediately. It is stimulating and you’ll be aware of the sounds around you as the smoke expands comfortably in your lungs. Those not used to dabbing should be cautious with their initial dose and inhalation as the THC levels are incredibly high.

Despite the sativa dominance you’ll slip into a relaxed and chilled state. You may become one with the couch.

Use Gorilla Glue 4 Live Resin Strain if you’re suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, or depression.