Death Bubba Vape Pen

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Death Bubba vape pens are one of the most demanded hybrid cannabis strains among experienced cannabinoid consumers. Death Bubba is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid that boasts high THC levels that range between 25-27%. However, when extracted into a cannabis oil, this Death Bubba vape pen carries a THC level of 80%.

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Our Death Bubba vape pen was created using only 100% natural cannabis oils, carefully extracted without solvents and free of additive and fillers. This method of extraction allows us to deliver a more flavourful and potent experience to the user.

This vape pen is great for on the go and you can expect approximately 200 number of inhales per cartridge. When inhaled you can taste the zesty citrus with earthy and spiced rum undertones.

You’ll feel how the psychoactive properties start taking over after the initial puff. Your body will begin to ease up and float. You’ll soon be hit with a boost of energy and your focus will get you motivated. As the high elevates and advances, you’ll start to feel the weight of your eyelids. It is recommended that you smoke this strain to wind down after a long day or a night before bed time.

It can be used for medical purposes as well. Best used for those suffering from depression as Death Bubba has stimulating and sedating effects. Smoking the Death Bubba can also numb the body and can help in relieving chronic pain, inflammations, and spasms. As previously mentioned, our Death Bubba vape pen can also aid those suffering from insomnia, so for the desired effect we recommend smoking this vape pen at night. If you’re new to smoking we recommend starting with a few puffs and working your way up from there.

If you’re looking for a full night sleep then this vape pen is the choice for you! Our vape pens deliver a flavourful terpene profile and relaxing effects.