Death Bubba Live Resin

When you cross Death Star and Bubba Kush you get Death Bubba, a highly potent indica-dominant strain that fully lives up to its name. Originating from Vancouver, this strain is known for it’s ability to put users in a deep sleep.

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The buds are coated with a purple hue, covered in trichomes and are rich in terpenes making it the perfect strain for extracts.

Death Bubba Live Resin is made when freshly trimmed cannabis buds frozen right after harvest. This enables the resin to preserve the highest level of terpenes than any other form of concentrate. If you’re looking for the most flavourful and aromatic dabbing experience, live resin will be your go to choice.

You’ll fall in love with how this Death Bubba live resin looks. A bright gold honey colour with shiny sugary crystals that dance when put under the light. A consistency like this is only achieved  when freshly trimmed buds are used.

The Death Bubba live resin, in its intact state, emits a smell of earthy pine, a hint of citrus lemon, and an earthy undertone. Fire up your rig and make sure you set the temperature setting to low as that will give you the best results.

Immediately after your first hit you’ll taste the lemony citrus and upon exhale a hint of earthy pine. One hit is more than enough for Death Bubba’s psychoactive properties to take over. It is said that Death Bubba gives you deepest sleep outside of a coffin that you’ll ever find.

At first your high will be energetic, but that will abruptly come to an end when the a weighted blanked of comfort and euphoria wraps around your body. The strain works best for those who are suffering from insomnia and it is best used before bedtime… unless you’re feeling adventurous on a lazy Sunday, then we’d recommend a wake and bake. Smart with a small dose and work yourself up, the trips you’ll have all day is moving from the couch to the fridge and back again.