Death Bubba Bud

Death Bubba Bud

Descending from two very popular strains (Bubba Kush and Death Star), comes an indica dominant hybrid that will deliver you a “death-like” sleep. Death Bubba is a 70/30 indica hybrid that boasts insanely high THC levels that range between 25-27%. The medium sized nugs are accented with some emerald and magenta hues, hairy orange pistils, and sandy trichomes that frost the nug all around.

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Get comfortable – Death Bubba is about to take you for a wild ride.

These dense medium sized nugs pack a knockout punch. Grind it down and the musky pine will fill your nostrils. From your first exhale you’ll be able to taste the zesty lemon followed by a hint of spiced rum. Getting sleepy yet?

At first, you’ll be floating on a cloud as the psychoactive properties swarm your body. You’ll have a burst of energy and the urger to finish some minor tasks. As the high advances you’ll feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier. If you do manage to stay awake past this point it will be in a more of a coma-like state. Death Bubba  Bud is a great way to wind down after work and the perfect companion before bed.

For medical use, Death Bubba is best used for depression and stress as it has both mood stimulating and sedative effects. The strain also has the ability to numb the body and is highly recommended for chronic pain, inflammation, and spasms. As mentioned before, Death Bubba Bud is great for those suffering from insomnia so for the most desired effect we recommend smoking at night. If you’re new to smoking proceed with caution and start with a low dosage, you can always work yourself up to more.

Overall Death Bubba is a great choice for those who want a full nights sleep. A flavourful profile and incredible effects make this strain a favourite for many.