Death Bubba Weed Strain

If a deep weed sleep is what you’re looking for, then look no further. The Death Bubba strain offers the deepest sleep outside of a coffin that you’ll likely ever find. Created by crossbreeding Bubba Kush and Death Star, the beautiful purple-hued strain is rich with trichomes and terpenes abound. Death Bubba takes you for a wild ride with its 70/30 indica-dominant ratio.

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The strain originated from Vancouver, BC, a city known for its beautiful landscapes, unbeatable seafood, and now known as the hometown of Death Bubba.

The THC levels come soaring in at incredibly high 27% that inhibit an almost instant-sleep like formula that washes over users. This bud is covered in white trichomes and brown hairs that smell of pine and musk. Rounding out the flavour with lemon zest and spiced rum makes this strain great as the perfect nightcap.

The psychoactive properties will take over from the first puff as you’ll feel your body lift off the ground and float. This is followed by a boost of energy that will leave you feeling focused and motivated – now is the time to buckle up and get your work done. As your high advances you’ll feel yourself pulling away from social situations. Your thoughts will take over and you’ll slowly feel the weight of your eyelids. Death Bubba is best suited for the evening, before turning in for the night. Feeling adventurous on a lazy Sunday? Start with a wake and bake, and transition from the bed to the couch.

A Death Bubba high is best used for depression and stress as it’s properties are both sedating and mood stimulating, giving you a small burst of joy and much needed relaxation.

Because of Death Bubba’s capability to numb the bod, this strain is highly recommended for chronic pain, inflammation, and spasms. As previously mentioned, it is very effective to those who are suffering from insomnia and is best used before bedtime to acquire a deep sleep. Novice smokers should proceed with caution, as only intermediate to advanced cannabis experience is suggested.

If you’re an experienced smoker looking for stress relief, a deep sleep, or pain relief, Death Bubba is your go to strain. A great tasting flavour profile paired with tremendous effects make this strain the top choice for the experienced smoker.