Bubba Kush Vape Pen

Bubba Kush is a west coast classic strain that originated from Los Angeles, California. This 95/5 indica hybrid boasts high THC levels between 18%-22% and helps in alleviating a wide variety of medical symptoms.

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Our Bubba Kush vape pens are made by using only 100% natural cannabis oils that have been carefully extracted without solvents and that are free of additives and fillers. This method of extraction allows us to deliver a more flavourful terpene profile and a potent ‘high’ experience to the user. Fresh flower buds are so densely coated in trichomes that you can see them inside the bud when broken apart – thats why Bubba Kush is a perfect candidate for extracts.

The Bubba Kush vape pen delivers a very high THC level of up to 80%. You can now take the Bubba Kush high with you anywhere you go as this pen is discreet and convenient. Users can expect approximately 200 of inhales per cartridge. From your first hit you’ll be able to taste the pungent hashish-like aroma that carries a hint of coffee and, spice, and cocoa.

Your first inhale will set you in a euphoric headspace and as the high builds you will find yourself becoming more soothed and relaxed. This vape pen won’t leave energized, but it wont leave you couch locked either. Unlike other indica’s, your brain will be able to hold a conversation and maintain a mental focus after smoking this vape pen. As previously stated, this vape pen won’t leave you couch locked, so you can expect to be alert, comfortable, and functional.

This vape pen can be used to treat a variety of medical ailments. Patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain can use the Blue Dream vape pen to relieve their symptoms. If consumed in a large quantity, this vape pen can also treat insomnia.

Bubba Kush is recommended for those who are experienced smokers. If you are a novice to cannabis we highly recommend that you start with a low dosage and work your way up.