Bubba Kush Rosin

Bubba Kush is a 95/5 indica dominant originating from Los Angeles California. You’ll often find the strain densely coated in trichomes and boasting high THC levels between 18%-22%. The effects are euphoric and relaxing and will benefit both medical and recreational users.

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Rosin is an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze out the resinous sap from fresh cannabis flower. This is called a solvent less extraction technique. Bubba Kush rosin is incredibly sappy, and highly resembles shatter. This allows users to experience the majority of the flavourful terpene profiles. The reason why Bubba Kush rosin makes a great extract product is because the fresh flower buds are so densely coated in trichomes that you can see them inside the bud when broken apart.

The Bubba Kush rosin resembles a fresh jar of honey that carries a beautiful golden tint. The rosin is easy to handle and even easier to look at.

When you first open the jar, your nose will fill with a pungent hashish-like scent with coffee undertones that will intensify when the rosin is broken down. If you want to fully experience the flavourful terpene profile of this rosin we suggest you turn your dab rig temp to a lower setting.

From the first inhale the euphoric head high will hit almost instantaneously. As the high builds you’ll find yourself more and more relaxed. A soothing feeling will take over your body. This rosin won’t leave you energized, but your brain will be able to hold a conversation and maintain a mental focus. This indica typically won’t leave you couch locked either, so you can expect to be comfortable, functional, and alert.

Medically, Blueberry AK rosin can help those suffering from anxiety, depression, and when smoked in large quantities, insomnia. The numbing effects of this rosin tends to work well for those who suffer from chronic pain.

To properly store rosin we recommend using a small air tight glass jar. Keep the jar of rosin in a cool dry place, this will slow down any deterioration of your rosin.

If you’re an experienced smoker this rosin is a perfect way to help you settle down after a long day.