Bubba Kush Bud

Bubba Kush is a 95/5 indica hybrid that packs a punch. Originally bred in Los Angeles, California, the strain has been gaining popularity since the 2000’s. It’s parent lineage stems from OG Kush and an unnamed Norther Lights phenotype that was imported to LA from New Orleans. Today the strain is hailed as a classic indica strain that provides a heavy sedative high and leaves users feeling very relaxed but still functional. Typically you’ll find this strain hailing high TCH levels from 18%-22% making this a great strain for the experienced user.

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In the grow stages, this plant is a visual masterpiece. Although the plant itself is short and stocky. At the bottom the leaves run an emerald colour and slowly transform into a deep purple at the top. The purple hues of this strain are caused by the activated cold temperatures during the growing process. Trichomes not only cover the leaves but completely engulf the buds as well. These trichomes are so densely coated that you can even see them growing inside the nugs when they are broken apart. Bubba Kush bud is dense and ranges from small to medium sized nugs with characteristics of indica varieties.

Aromas of coffee and chocolate will hit the nose when users first open a bag of Bubba Kush buds. You’ll also notice this strain usually carries a fruity undertone. However, when burnt users find the taste being spicy and hashish-like. As most Kush varieties, get ready to cough your lungs out. Make sure you get a good smell proof container if you dont want your neighbours at the end of the cup de sac knowing that you just brought home some Bubba Kush.

From your first hit, you’ll slip into a euphoric headspace. As the high builds the strain’s indica effects will kick in and you’ll start feeling more soothed and relaxed. Users may not be energized, but your brain will be able to hold a conversation and maintain a mental focus. This indica typically won’t leave you couch locked either, so you can expect to be comfortable, functional, and alert. This strain is recommended for the experienced smoker. Overall, you can expect your experience to be soothing and relaxing.

Medical patients use the strain to alleviate a variety of physical and mental symptoms. The strain is known to provide relief from anxiety, depression, and aids in the soothing of chronic pain. When consumed in large quantities, the strain can also serve as treatment for insomnia. When smoked in a lower quantity, users may find an increase in appetite or a stimulus to exercise.

It’s a clear understanding why this strain is considered to be a staple in North America. The solid indica genetics and strong potency provide a positive experience to both medical and recreational users. We highly recommend this strain is smoked after a long day as the high will only help you unwind and become more relaxed.