Blueberry AK Live Resin


Blueberry AK is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with high THC levels, plenty of terpenes, and densely coated in trichomes making it a top choice for extraction. The strain’s effects are mainly cerebral and it’s recommended to be used in the daytime due to its stimulating properties. The fruity flavours make this strain as tasty as a dessert.

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Blueberry AK live resin is a visual masterpiece. A gold honey comb colour fills the jar and your eyes are constantly drawn to the sugary crystals that dance in the light. The live resin is easy to handle and won’t make a mess.

This Live Resin is created by extracting from freshly harvested plants. Within 30 minutes of being cut from the stalk these plants are frozen. This freezing process allows extractors to capture all the terpenes of the fresh plant that are otherwise lost during the drying process. Trust me, this is a process you’ll appreciate after your first dab hit. You’ll notice how the terpene profile hasn’t been compromised during the concentrate forming process.

Heat up your rig, but set it to a lower setting. This will allow you to appreciate the flavours of the terpene profile. You’ll taste the sweet blueberries and upon exhaling a peppery and spicy undertone will linger. For those who aren’t used to dabbing a, we recommend starting at a low dosage and working your way up.

Initially you’ll feel the cerebral effects, followed by calming and buzzing body high. As the feeling of euphoria takes over your mind your body is calmed and relaxed by the soothing effects of the Blueberry AK live resin. Use this time to complete your errands because as the high recesses you’ll find yourself wanting to settle in for the night. If you’re not ready to drift off just yet, heat up your dab rig again and after another hit you’ll gain yet another boost of energy.