Blueberry AK Bud


Blueberry AK is a great indica-dominant hybrid that provides many benefits to its users. It comes from breeding Blueberry and AK-47, two mainstays of the cannabis culture. This strain is smoked mainly for its THC concentration levels – that are upwards of 20%. The effects are mostly cerebral with a boost of energy and the odd giggles. This strain is best used in the daytime for its stimulating properties.

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These buds are usually small, dense and pepper shaped. The bright green nugs are full of orange pistils and coated in a sugary trichome frosting. Before opening the package you’ll start noticing the musky smell. If you have neighbours they’ll also know you just got your hands on some fresh Blueberry AK bud. The flavour will mimic the aroma but with a little bit more of a fruity presence. Many attribute the taste to that of a mouth full of blueberries.

As most hybrids, this strain inherited the best genetics from both parents. The high starts by delivering potent cerebral effects followed by a calming buzzing body high. As the feeling of euphoria takes over your mind your body is calmed and relaxed by the soothing effects of this strain. You’ll feel upbeat and ready to complete any errand you have planned for the day. No seriously, this is better than morning coffee. Use this strain for any upcoming social situations!

Medically, Blueberry AK bud is best used for those suffering from chronic stress, pain, and depression. The numbing effects of this strain have worked well for those suffering from arthritis. Make sure your pantry is full of your favourite snacks because you’ll be hit by the munchies – hard.

If you suffer from insomnia, smoking this strain can be quite beneficial to you. As the high recesses you’ll find yourself getting sleepy and sedated. If you’re not ready to drift off just yet, spark another joint and you’ll gain another boost of energy.

Be sure to drink a lot of fluids as some users experience a dry mouth and dry eyes.