Blue Berry AK

blueberry-ak-strainAnother Sativa-dominant strain that any weed enthusiast should try, Blue Berry AK is a fantastic and uplifting hybrid. As the name suggests, it is obtained by breeding the two most popular and potent strains – Indica-dominant Blueberry and Sativa-dominant AK-47 strain. A lot of users who tried it have reported having a great time with it. Not only does this weed come with loads of medical benefits but it is also great for those who want cerebral stimulation. It is known to deliver relaxing as well as upbeat effects and induce giggles. People have been using it to treat symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression. It is a good strain for the morning as well as daytime use due to its stimulating properties.

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Blue Berry AK Cultivation

Blueberry AK features a hybrid structure with a strong, tall frame that can handle a variety of conditions. This is why it can be easily grown outdoors. However, growers cultivate it in controlled conditions where they can adjust humidity, temperature and lighting to suit the plant. It has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks when grown indoors and yields 12-14 ounces of buds. Advanced growing techniques can be applied to improve the harvest to a significant extent. When grown outdoors, it flowers around the last week of September and gives 14 ounces of buds as the plant matures.

Flavours and Fragrance

This strain has a musky odour with a fruity flavour and berry notes. The fruity terpene profile takes the center stage. It offers a fruity fragrance resembling blueberries and a sweet overtone with spicy undertones of pepper and Kush. When smoked, it gives out a musky smoke with a skunky flavour. The strain is sure to delight the senses with a sweet yet tangy taste of blueberries. An amazing blend of pepper and skunk leave a spicy taste in the mouth after exhaling the smoke..


This strain looks great. It is popular for being fluffy with orange hairs covering the bud. As a dense yield, it looks nuclear green. It has blueish purple hues resembling an evening. The sugary trichomes look like sparkling stars indicating its high-THC levels of 18-20 percent. The nugs are airy, piecey and pepper-shaped. Looking at the appearance, you can easily tell that the strain is musky.

Type of High

This weed is really potent and you can’t underestimate it when it comes to the high. It is quite powerful and not ideal for beginners. Those who are new to it should start with small doses. The effects of Blueberry AK start showing effects quickly and are quite subtle. Instead of an intense onset, the strain gives a gentle euphoria beginning from the mind and slowly passing to the rest of the body. the high intensifies with each hit. As the effects start, one can see a behaviour change and mood upliftment, making the person smile and be happy. It brings an amazing sense of carefree happiness. You might also become more social as the high settles in the mind and body. The stimulating high boosts appetite and users experience munchies and start looking around for food. It is advisable to have some treats nearby to avoid getting up amidst the buzz. A few hours later, you can experience a tingling sensation that starts from the temples and soothes and relaxes the muscles as it passes through the body. The high is sustained for about 3 hours or longer depending on your tolerance. The user is likely to get hold of the couch and rest. This weed is recommended for the evening as it ends up into deep sleep. If used in moderate doses, users can avoid the heavy high.

Apart from a few cases of dry eyes and cotton mouth, the most common side effect of this strain is munchies.

Medical Benefits

Blueberry AK 47 strain of cannabis works well for chronic pain associated with numerous health problems. It gives a euphoria that stabilizes emotions, relieves stress and improves mood. The soothing sensation also works as an anti-depressant to combat the symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mood-related disorders like PTSD. This strain also features a stimulating buzz that energizes the body and improves digestion and appetite. This makes it ideal for people suffering from eating disorders and cancer-patients who suffer from nausea and appetite-loss from chemotherapy. After feeling deeply relaxed, stoners gradually feel drowsy and fall asleep. This sedating characteristic of the strain can be used to help improve the quality and quantity of sleep. People suffering from insomnia or any other sleep-related disorder would find the nature of high from this strain quite beneficial.

Some of the most popular medical uses of the strain include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stress

High levels of cannabinoids in this weed make it perfect for those who want to use it for medical benefits.