Blue Dream Rosin


Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossing two strains – Blueberry and Haze. The strain is considered a classic among the West Coast strains. Blue Dream’s buds are long, bushy, and covered in trichomes. This makes Blue Dream ideal for rosin extract.

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Rosin has gained traction and is becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community. It is made by applying heat and pressure to fresh cannabis bud to vaporize the terpenes. This is a solvent-less technique that is able to preserve the terpene profile and giving users a quality finished product. Blue Dream buds are full of trichomes and the strain carries quite the terpene profile giving users a more flavourful experience.

Blue Dream rosin comes in a consistency that resembles thick gooey caramel. As you open the jar you’ll notice a scent of sweet blueberries that remind you of an cool summer afternoon. We recommend turning your dab rig head settings to a lower temperature so that you can fully experience the full terpene profile. After your initial exhale the taste of sweet blueberries will linger and you’ll notice hints of citrus and some floral notes as well.

Blue Dream rosin can be enjoyed by veteran smokers and beginners. If you’re new to smoking please make sure you start off with a smaller dose, because you can always work your way up to a bigger high, but not wise versa.

This rosin delivers a high that is a beautiful balance of its parentage – Blueberry and Haze. The high begins with a cerebral rush and your motivation will get you knocking down your list of tasks. The euphoric high will gradually build up and your body will start to feel more relaxed and calm. Physical pains will start to become numb, but your motivation will be at an all time high. Although this rosin is a hybrid many love smoking this strain midday. Some go as far as claiming it’s better than a midday cup of coffee.

Blue Dream rosin offers relief to those who are suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, and a lack of appetite. However it is not recommended for those who suffer with anxiety as this strain tends to get ahead of the user.