Blue Dream Strain

Blue-Dream-Cannabis-StrainFamous for the unique and unpredictable aroma and flavour, Blue Dream is commonly listed under Sativa cannabis strains on most dispensary menus across Canada because of its energetic, strong head high. Obtained out of a crossbreed between the popular classic strains of Haze and Blueberry, this strain is a somewhat Sativa-dominant hybrid originating from California. It is named so not just because of its buzzy cerebral high and stellar flavour but also because of its dreamy origins as its history is clouded in mystery. This cannabis provides the body relaxation of Indica and uplifting cerebral euphoria coming from Sativa. A high THC level of 21 percent gives long-lasting relief from symptoms without any heavy sedation. The herb has a balance of full-body relaxation and gentle cerebral high and can be recommended to experienced as well as first-time users. Blue Dream is perfect for day time as well as evening use. It also makes an amazing medicine for patients suffering from nausea, pain, depression and other conditions that benefit from high-THC levels.

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Blue Dream Cultivation

While it is possible to grow this cannabis strain in any climate and growing conditions, it is essential that you provide the right care and nutrition to get a quality yield. Blue Dream is recognized as one of the heaviest drinking strains so you should expect to provide gallons of water to your plants on a daily basis. Though growers need to wait as the flowering time of this strain is slow, what makes this weed special is the huge yield and high-potency buds. Experienced cultivators can get about 500-600 grams of bud per plant if grown outdoors. In the beginning, you may feel that the cannabis takes too long, but once it hits the flowering stage, you can see that the branches stretch and their size reaches sky heights overnight.

You can take some precautions like the right selection of soil to get a densely-packed, flavourful yield. If you grow indoors, use the advanced cultivation methods to get the best results.


Being a 50/50 hybrid of two popular strains, you get the best of both worlds with this cannabis strain. This means users experience a desirable full-body high from Blueberry and a powerful cerebral euphoria from the Haze genetics. These effects are abundant and instant, making this strain a favourite among medical marijuana patients. The bud features a moderately high level of THC ranging from 17 to 24 percent on average. While these levels are pretty high, most people agree that this strain does not pack an overwhelming punch like some others including Blue God Strain. However, this weed does its job well at serving the medicinal community. It has low CBD levels at around 0.1-0.2 percent and most of its effects come from THC content.

Appearance, Flavour, Aroma

Blue Dream has dense, large and fluffy shaped nugs in bright neon green with blue and amber hairs and rich blue undertones covered with a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sticky resin. The leaves range from orange and brown to dark green in shade depending on the species cultivated and the growing conditions. Blue Dream is famous for its characteristic aroma and flavour boasting delicious hints of sugar and blueberry that last long in the air and on the tongue after you exhale. It gives you a nostalgic fruity taste and then delivers earthy, sharp sandalwood, citrus and even grape and floral notes. Its aroma and taste express a harmonious balance of features from its parents. The aroma is pungent and hard-hitting and you should not expect it to be a regular-smelling weed. It leaves its smell wherever you take it.

Type of High

Blue Dream cannabis strain is known to deliver varied effects to make it a versatile option for any type of stoner. It is a popular because of the clean genetics and effects that work for anybody, making it an amazing choice. Its high is perhaps the best thing that comes from the balance of its parent genetics. It starts with a cerebral rush and brings enhanced focus and motivation. This means it is an excellent day-time strain that can be taken before work to stay focused for the long day. As the high extends, you experience a highly-relaxed state with calmness. This sensation can numb any pains you are dealing with and get you ready to work as long as you don’t smoke too much.

Being potent and stimulating, it lifts your mood and gets your body moving. The name does not match its effects and it will not get you couch-locked. It is an ideal blend that offers some of the best qualities and something totally unique. You can rely on this weed to give wings to your creative projects or for a mood upliftment melting away all your worries. This strain is not a good choice if you want to fall asleep but can be taken if you are planning a night out or party. It is the perfect option for partying, socializing and hanging out with buddies.

Medical Benefits

As it is capable of delivering a variety of effects, the Blue Dream strain is ideal for dealing with a number of health conditions and medical problems. It is considered suitable for helping patients of mental disorders like depression and anxiety as well as physical problems like headaches, chronic pains and fatigue. Those who seek help from this strain for mental illnesses should consider smoking a moderate amount to get desired results. It is important to keep a tab on dosage as overconsumption can lead to unwanted effects like stress and paranoia.

Those who are dealing with headaches, chronic pain, fatigue or other problems can consider a concentrate or edible to combat the symptoms. High doses of the weed can numb any pain you are suffering from and provide you energy if you are feeling lethargic. You can consider this cannabis if you are struggling with chronic pains associated with illnesses or injuries. It is not recommended for more serious conditions like seizures as it has low CBD content.