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There is no denying the medicinal and other benefits that cannabis brings about in your daily life. Canada, realizing this remarkable potential, eventually legalized the use of marijuana. And what better way to benefit from such usage then to buy BC Bud online from one of the best growers in BC, South Coast Canna.

But then, you need to do your research carefully.  There are numerous growers eager to produce all sorts of cannabis. Unfortunately, they are not conscious of your tastes and aesthetics.

That is until you find us. Welcome to the South Coast Canna site. We know that as a customer, you deserve the best. And to get the most out of your search, we urge you to continue reading to gain more insights about us and our products and services. 

Where are we?

We are a premier Canadian company. We are located in the shiny and the scenic southern region of the country. Our firm exploits the natural resources offered by this vast and beautiful country.

Canada is vast and diverse. From the peaks to the valleys, you would get awed by its natural picturesque. There are lakes and swamps, forests and plains all covered with different indigenous plants and scrubs.

Southern Canada is particularly ideal for cultivation. And cannabis does exceptionally well in this region. Within this region is where the South Coast Canna harness the benefits of nature, workforce, and technology to bring you the best marijuana you can get. 

Who are we?

We are a premier Canadian cannabis growing, manufacturing and selling outfit. We have conveniently selected the most robust part of the country to bring you the best and most potent cannabis strains. The area offers some of the most fertile soil characteristics for cannabis cultivation. This region has a wealth of experience in cultivating cannabis. Fortunately, the weather also enhances the quality of growth.

But it’s the superior growing process that we pride ourselves about. We utilize advanced technology to monitor the entire process. From seed germination to ultimate cannabis product, trust us with maintaining quality and consistently high standards.

Why is South Coast Canna ideal?

You may wonder what distinguishes us from other growers. From a casual perspective, you wouldn’t deduce much. But search more deeply, and you will discover a whole world of difference.

First and foremost, we care about nature. We take deliberate action not to impact on the environment adversely. We also undertake due diligence before ordering any equipment and test each system within our extraction centres.

These records and the data provide valuable lessons to improve our facilities, farms, and systems continually. And all these ensure you get only the most authentic and reliable products from us. And it’s these factors that make us uniquely different and way ahead of the pack.

Why are you our Client?

We strive to offer the best to you all the time. For this reason, we take steps to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products. Below is what we assure you when you join our growing list of valued clientele:

We have a large farm intensively cultivated and wholly dedicated to cannabis plantation. We consider and allocate our best brains to improve the growing techniques as well as research on the best seeds for planting. We train new growers to ensure a continuous harvest of the flowers, for a long time to come.

Health is wealth. And we value yours, so we aspire to maintain your natural health. In this regards, all our cannabis stock are organically grown from organic seeds using organic fertilizers and natural plucking and extraction methods. They contain no synthetic additives, pesticides or herbicides. As such, the stimulation and potency you derive using our products are safe and natural.

We understand that everyone is unique. And we also appreciate that there is inclusivity in diversity. Without sustainable and all-inclusive practices, it would be hard to sustain your diverse requirements. Luckily, we integrate all circumstances and situations. So, whether you are an avid outdoor person, love nature and the environment, and are still ready to explore far and beyond, you always constituent an integral member of our great team.

What benefits do our products bring?

You get the following benefits when you buy from us:

  • Flat shipping rate: We charge a flat shipping rate. This price allows you to plan your expenses and budget your consignment well.
  • Better curing process: We understand that curing could adversely affect the concentration of cannabis in a treated weed. Therefore, we take exceptional care to treat extracts to give out clean and smooth smoke. The smoke quality is enhanced since most impurities are sieved off the final product.
  • Quick delivery: Depending on your location, we deliver within 24 hours of ordering in the North America continent.
  • Specialist breed: We concentrate only on the best and most potent cannabis breed. We have researched and settled for the top ten strains of Cannabis like Bubba Kush, that bring the most efficacy and smoking effects for your overall mental wellness.
  • High-grade medical weed: Our products undergo clinical tested for therapeutic effects. If you are suffering from constant anxiety and depression, then count on our products to reverse the harmful consequences for these maladies.
  • Discounted offers in bulk purchase: We offer competitive and better prices for bulk order.
  • Huge variety of implements and accessories: We stock all the products to fit your changing needs and aspirations. You wouldn’t have to worry about stock-outs and limited products.
  • Great experience: We have over fifty years’ experience growing and blending the finest marijuana in the world. During this period, we have experimented on many plants and processes and have kept only the best. We need not brag about our expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Log into our products section and order any of our range of products suiting your needs. You never know, maybe it’s us you have been looking for all along. We assure your enjoyment of authentic and high-quality, yet natural cannabis products at a cost you wouldn’t get anywhere else.  Join our team and reach new heights in your life.

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Our BC Bud Strains

Here, at South Coast Canna, you can buy BC Bud online in the highest-quality available. This strain of weed is a cousin to the indica-dominant marijuana strain named Big Bud that comes from Amsterdam. The strain is largely a Sativa hybrid featuring quite potent cerebral properties. It is a citrus-smelling, fruity strain that hails right from British Columbia and delivers a great balance of Sativa and Indica feelings along with instant relief from pain, nausea and other conditions.

As suggested by the name, it gives big, chunky harvests in spherical shape after the flowering period of 8-9 weeks which is longer. The plant has densely packed nuggets in light green colour with mossy green undertones and brown and orange pistils. The colourful, beautiful buds are coated abundantly with white trichomes making them sticky and difficult to break by hand. BC Bud is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of sativa/indica of 65/35, it’s a hybrid of the popular Big Bud strain and Sativa strain gives an amazing looking bud that delivers a head and body high along with a delicious smelling terpene profile. Popular for its huge yield and big flowers, this plant is known for it’s high levels of THC ranging from 12 to 21 percent.

The terpene profile for this flower starts with a musky, pungent skunk smell. You can then smell an earthy aroma that turns rich and spicy when you break up the buds. Upon smoking, this bud can feel somewhat harsh and strong but the smoke turns to a tasty sweet and piney flavor on the finish. As for the effects of this strain, BC Bud causes a quick high, concentrating in the head soon after smoking. It is so powerful that it causes a cerebral high, known for enhancing innovative ideas, focus and creativity, making it ideal for a daytime smoke.

When buying BC Bud strain from South Coast Canna, you can expect to receive the purest and the most potent hybrid that delivers the advertised effects. It induces relaxing effects and doesn’t force you to sleep, instead you can instead enjoy total relaxation and get relief from stress while being comfortable. Overall, this strain is a great combination of mental and physical relief that allows you to enjoy multiple activities during the day and in the evening.

Whether you are a general user looking for stress-relief or a medical marijuana patient expecting health benefits, the this strain can definitely help you out. This hybrid is beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and attention-related problems as it has the ability to enhance focus. It can also relieve the symptoms of stress, depression, migraines, headache and chronic pain. Fair warning though, it’s known for causing munchies so for someone looking to boost their appetite due to any medical issues this would be a good match.

We have served a number of consumers interested in enjoying the benefits of this Sativa-dominant strain by offering the best quality hybrid at a great price! Our real-life reviews suggest how happy the customers are with the quality and results of the product. Get your favourite bud delivered to your doorstep with our super-fast service!

BC Bud Cultivation

This strain can be easily grown by getting seeds from any online retailer. You can cultivate it indoors or out though outdoor growing demands a semi-humid condition. Growers should remember that BC Bud can be affected by excess humidity. These plants grow short and bushy and have strong branches. They flower within 7-8 weeks when grown indoors and can be harvested in October if grown outdoors. When they start flowering, it is advisable to support the branches to keep them from drooping under the weight of heavy buds.

Buy BC Bud Online

A hybrid strain coming from British Columbia, BC Bud is obtained by breeding the Big Bud with some unspecified strains of Sativa. The Sativa-dominant hybrid has a Sativa to Indica ratio of 65:35 and offers the best of both worlds. Users describe its effects as fast-acting high euphoria accompanied by munchies. The fruity strain offers an amazing balance of heady and body effects. BC Bud, just like Big Bud, is famous for its extra large flowers and good harvest. The buds have a spherical shape and are densely packed with dark green leaves and orange-brown pistils. White trichomes cover colorful flowers to give them some sheen, making them sticky and hard to break by hands.

BC Bud Strain Flavor

This strain features a pleasant flavor that many would enjoy. It has a pungent earthy aroma that is commonly seen in strains having thick buds. Once smoked, this weed picks up some exciting flavors. The rich and flavourful strain often gives citrus tones and even bubblegum flavor. The best way to enjoy the rich flavor is through vaping. Users can experience a mix of sweet as well as piney taste in a smooth vape. Though many users like fruity tones, this marijuana is a great choice for those who like earthy strains.

The High From BC Bud

Talking about the THC levels, this strain contains between 12 and 21 percent. The hybrid weed inclines towards Sativa at 65% though users report feeling its Indica effects strongly as well. This means you can expect an intense high with the combination of Indica and Sativa effects. On smoking or vaping, the BC Bud hits you quickly. Users can instantly experience intense euphoria and mood upliftment. You start feeling more energetic and motivated and get relieved from any stress or anxiety. The head high from this weed is quite enjoyable, making you giggly, socialized and creative. You can experience heightened senses and find all the activities fun.

As the high proceeds, the Sativa effects gradually wear off and you are left with a soothing body high getting you rid of physical pains or headaches and feel relaxed and calm. Then, you are likely to get into a deep sleep. A smoking session with this strain can get you munchies and dry mouth. The properties of Sativa in this marijuana make it a social strain. BC Bud’s high but soothing energy can offer a great way to indulge in social situations, inspiring easy conversations with like-minded people. The combination of physical and mental relaxation helps involve in activities demanding brain-body coordination like gaming, exercising and sex. It is also possible to enjoy it on your own at home and sleep after getting relaxed. The versatility of this weed makes it ideal for a pleasant experience anytime during the day.

BC Bud Health Benefits

With a combination of Indica and Sativa characteristics, BC Bud also works as a powerful medical marijuana strain. It has the ability to affect both mind and body positively and its pleasant high makes it great for those looking for some type of relief. The Sativa properties are particularly beneficial for people suffering from mood-related disorders. Its uplifting effects can lift you from any kind of depression and negativity and make your mood happy and motivated. People looking for relief from depression will find this strain quite helpful. It also helps you clear the mind of everyday stress and worries and helps combat symptoms of anxiety.

The Indica effects of this strain also provide many medical benefits. The euphoric body high you get by smoking this weed can get you rid of pain, inflammation and body stress. When under its high, you feel soothed and relaxed. It also gives relief from nausea, headache, migraine or any other problem you are experiencing. Though it is a hard-hitting weed, medical users won’t find it too difficult. A few tokes are enough to get instant relief from stress, anxiety, pain and more. While you get an energy boost in the beginning, it eases you into an intense relaxation eventually. It can also help with sleep-related disorders like insomnia. Overall, it is an amazing choice for medical users.